Buy Blackwater Marijuana Online Blackwater marijuana strain is a potent Indica. The bud took the 3rd place in the Indicacategory of the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. The flowering time lasts 8-10 weeks with moderate indoor, greenhouse and outdoor yields. Blackwater buds are dense, deep purple and sticky. They have a pleasant grape-pine aroma. The herb is potent, with THClevels at 20%. Blackwater marijuana is good for evening and night time use due to strong sedative effect.

Type of High

Blackwater marijuana induces cerebral euphoria, immediately followed by strong body buzz. Uplifts mood, relieves stress, has good analgesic properties. Prompts laziness and stimulates appetite. Promotes deep sleep and strong couch lock.

Take the plunge into a euphoric cerebral experience with Black Water Kush.

Black Water Kush is an Indica strain unlike no other. One good hit and the cerebral tranquillity is quite real.

Its round, compact buds take on a deep purple colour and a sweet grape aroma that blends with subtle undertones of lemon and pine. Big and dense and covered with orange hair and huge crystals.

What begins as a mellow and euphoric cerebral experience melts down to the rest of the body in a head-to-toe euphoric calm that relieves stress and anxiety. Patients have also reported its success in treating pain, appetite loss, and multiple sclerosis. Blackwater

Once you try it you will see how it is wonderful, relaxing, and comes with a very strong body high coupled with a lazy euphoria.

This makes it a great strain for evenings and relaxing with friends!

This strain is recommended for late-night consumption as it can cause mental cloudiness and detract from productivity.  OR just prepare yourselves with everything you might need for the next couple of hours because if you land on your couch or bed, you’re not getting up for a little while. Blackwater

Effects: Sleepy, Relaxed, Happy

Medical: Pain, Depression, Stress

THC: 24%





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