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Some really nice kief…great for sprinkling on top of marijuana in bowls, bongs, blunts and joints with higher levels of THC than just marijuana alone

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Kief is the term for the dust that collects after harvest. Dust Firstly, It’s actually the heads of the trichomes that fall off the bud as it’s being handled. Again,don’t worry, the buds don’t get hurt at the expense of collecting kief, it’s part of the whole cycle.Buy Kief Online.Kief is a concentration of THC that delivers a powerful punch. The dry sift is often live behind in your grinder or collect by cannabis producer. This term specifically refers to the “trichomes”, which are the glands containing cannabinoids and terpenes that produce the “high” feeling. As kief contains a high volume of terpenes and cannabinoids, it is an effective method to medicate. Therefore, a little goes a long way with this concentrate.


Buy Kief Online Kief is a concentration of THC and CBD and nothing else. It’s the original shatter if you think about it…all these new cannabis derivitives aim to collect the THC from the plant matter. The THC is housed in the heads of the trichomes. Kief. Boom.You can sprinkle it in a joint to turn ditch weed into knock-out, or smoke a bowl of it. But beware, this is basically pure trichome you’re smoking- it’s strong as hell Buy Kief Online

Due to the high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids in resin glands, separating kief crystals from plant matter is a great way to consume cannabis while reducing the amount of charred material you take into your body. Extracting kief is simple Buy Kief Online.

An accumulation of trichome glands sifted from cannabis flowers with a mesh screen or sieve. Kief is the most potent part of the plant in terms of cannabinoids with a high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA). Lastly,Kief can be press into hash, use as an ingredient to infuse food or to top off joints and blunts.

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