Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99, otherwise know as C99, or simply ‘Cindy’ is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Mr. Soul of Brothers Grimm. She’s best known for her potent cerebral high, sweet fruity flavors, and epic yields. According to Mr. Soul, C99 was create using seeds found in a Sensi brand 2 gram package of Jack Herer purchase at an Amsterdam coffee shop. Cinderella 99 is very popular with indoor growers because of its short, bushy stature, high yields, short flowering time, and high THC content (up to 23%). Cindy’s effects are usually describe as dreamy, euphoric, and uplifting.Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99

Also,the long spanning genetic love child of Jack Herer sativa and Shiva Skunk indica, Cinderella 99 is

classified as a sativa dominant hybrid strain; with an 85% sativa, 15% indica ratio. Again, this marijuana

strain has an exceptionally high THC content, meaning that just a little bit can go a very long way, ranking

in at 20-22% in conduct lab test results.Furthermore, its effects typically take around 15 full minutes to begin creeping upon the body and mind, but once they hit full force, they’ll keep going powerfully for a full 90-100


Grow Techniques: Cinderella 99 is a great option for growing indoors because of its size and stature. It’s popular for either hydroponic or soil-base growing, but the strong aromas and flavors are best realize in soil. The strain needs to be top and train if you want a bushy, even canopy.

Flowering Time: 8 weeks 

Yield: High 

Grow Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Climate: A consistent climate will help this strain hold onto its flavor. Try to keep it between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.Cinderella 99

Indoor/Outdoor: Though popularly grown indoors where conditions are better control, Cindy 99 can also be cultivate outdoors. 

Feeding: Feed with organic nutrients through compost teas and top dressing. If Cindy 99 is plant into a quality soil, this plant will do well without much help.Cinderella 99

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