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Hour highness strain

First of all, your highness strain, is Birthed of two extremely demanded pressures themselves. Can you get high your first time smoking weed, Royal Highness is an award-winning bud by Royal Queen Seeds that brushes up via the area with an analytical rush as well as supplies tastes so dazzling you’ll be desire them between hits. Taking 3rd location in the Best CBD Flower competitors at the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Mug, this sativa-dominant hybrid meets its cult classic moms and dads, Casino and also Respect, in both strength and also result.

With THC levels floating around 14%, can you get high your first time smoking weed this high is stabilized in its relaxing high qualities and its capability to energize the mind. These forest eco-friendly nugs supply a pleasant smell of fruit and earth with a small tinge of skunk, while the flavor taste depends more on the blueberry flavors with wonderful tree fruit touches. The rich purple touches as well as complete frosting of lavender trichomes make this bud look like fruity as it smells.

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